About this newsletter

This is a newsletter about creative growth and staying tender.

It’s written by me, Lindsey.

I've written nonfiction for The Toast and The Rumpus.

My fiction has been published in places like Little Fiction, WhiskeyPaper, Sundog Lit, and Hobart.

My little brother and only sibling, Brandon, died in 2016. This newsletter frequently focuses on my journey through grief, and through writing a memoir about losing and loving him. Sometimes it’s about stuff like what TV I’m watching. Multitudes!!!

As for the vibe, I cut my teeth on LiveJournal so it’ll kinda always be that.

Is this free?

Yeah, you can lurk and/or get it in your email for free. I used to offer a paid tier but that’s paused for now.

What if I really like this and want to support it?

Cool, that makes me very happy!!! Please forward to a friend or tweet about it. And I’d always love to hear from you directly.