Trying on glasses for the first time

Huh wow who am I

More existential than expected.

Thank u Larry for a photoshoot of the final contenders

That’s just my bra, grow up

I picked these because I was obvs feeling myself the most in them, which unfortunately in photograph form gives a T*rry Richardson vibe but what are ya gonna do

While doing this I kept thinking of all the FB posts I’ve seen where people ask their friends to weigh in on their frames and like… I get it… but I’ve never once wanted to vote on someone’s semi-permanent face change OR felt like I had a strong opinion OR OR if I did, like my opinion should matter at all! And the thought of posting a bunch of photos on FB made me feel like a shill for Big-Small Internet Glasses Company. So I guess what I’m saying is do not weigh in, my inner compass is extremely strong I’m good thanks, but ‘preciate ya.

Have you heard Angel Olsen’s new album All Mirrors? I’m thinking it’ll be good for this Monday.

I love you,

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